Technical Exercices & Melodic Motifs

Part I - Intervals & Scale Exercises

In the first part you'll get different exercises with the pentatonic, major & minor scales : a few useful scale patterns and interval practice from 3rds up to 7ths !

This will help you to improve your overall technique, hand coordination, clean your playing and so on.

All those exercises will also be a great help regarding fretboard and scale knowledge, learning the boxes and connecting them.

Part II - Melodic Motifs / Patterns

In this second part we will go through a bunch of useful melodic motifs and scale patterns declined in vertical, horizontal and diagonal motion.

Improve your speed and accuracy, your alternate and sweeping technique with melodic patterns that you can use when soloing !

And again, it's super helpful for your freatboard knowledge and visualization.

Let's get started and get your playing to the next level !

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