20 Slide Guitar Licks

The slide guitar is one of the most expressive technique to spice up your guitar chops.

In this course, after a few advices we gonna go through 20 Blues Rock licks in standard tuning.

To widen possibilities, we will also learn to fret behind the slide. All the licks are played with the backing track and then slowed down .

From accessible to more advanced and challenging licks, you will find lot of useful stuff in this package to easily improve your slide guitar skills and vocabulary.

As always, all of the examples feature normal and slow lick videos, full tab/notation and 1 backing track for you to practice.

Let's get started !

  • 21 Licks / Videos
  • Backing Track
  • PDF Booklet
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Instant Download & Streaming

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20 Slide Guitar Licks