20 Scott Henderson Licks

Here’s the opportunity to easily get an inside look at Scott Henderson’s playing with this 20 Licks package.

We will learn and breakdown the licks to analyse Scott’s unique phrasing : scales and arpeggios he uses, articulation, chromaticism, how he adds tensions, substitutions and so on !

This course is split in two parts : 10 first licks are played over static minor 7 / Dominant 7 chords and the second part is dedicated to a funk fusion kind of blues progression.

So we will use various scales and modes like the pentatonic/blues scales, dorian, melodic minor, lydian dominant, altered, diminished and more !

Each lick includes explanations/theory analysis and lot of tips, so you’ll not only learn the licks but also ‘learn from the licks’ to enrich your playing and master fundamental tools for jazz & fusion.

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20 Scott Henderson Licks

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