Spain : 20 Fusion Guitar Licks

In this course we will work on our Fusion / Jazz-fusion phrasing and some key approaches to get our playing to the next level.

Throughout 20 fusion licks we gonna take a closer look at the scales, modes, arpeggios and other tools we can use to solo over this great Jazz Fusion tune and so develop and improve our phrasing and improvisational skills.

You'll easily learn new material and techniques to incorporate in your playing : legato, hybrid / alternate picking, string skipping, note choice, outlining changes, using the altered scale and more.

Let's get started and improve your Fusion playing now !

  • 20 Licks (Normal / Slow Tempo)
  • 2 Backing Tracks (Normal/Slow)
  • PDF Booklet / Analysis
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Instant Download & Streaming

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