20 Jazz & Fusion Altered Licks

In this new course you will study 20 altered licks over the 2 5 1 progression.

We will see how to exploit the altered scale, its arpeggios, various substitutions, pentatonic scales, the lydian mode over the I, some useful soloing tactics and more to seamlessly expand our phrasing and vocabulary.

The licks are played twice at full tempo and then shown at a slower speed, a nice way to play along and grab every details.

You'll get lot of theoretical and improvisational advices to help you improve your knowledge and give you plenty of creative soloing ideas.

Level up your playing now !

PS - This course was previously released on the older website ( II Valt I : 20 Altered Licks). If you already purchased it, please contact me and you'll get a free access to this new version.

  • 20 Licks / Videos
  • Backing Track
  • PDF Booklet & Analysis
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Instant Download & Streaming

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