20 Classic & Southern Rock Licks

In this course it's all about phrasing, note choice and blending Blues, Rock & Country influences.

We will see a comprehensive range of phrasing approaches and techniques, like blending pentatonic scales, various bending techniques, double stops, repetitions (question & answer), target note and more, to help you develop your vocabulary and achieve a more meaningful phrasing.

A great starting point for crafting your own solos and improvisations.

As always, you'll get all the Tab/Notation, a PDF booklet and the backing track to practice and jam along.

Includes 2 bonus licks and tab/notation for the rhythm guitars.

Let's get started !

  • 22 Videos (2 bonus vids)
  • Backing Track
  • Onscreen tab/notation
  • PDF Booklet
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Bonus : Rhythm Guitar tab/notation
  • Instant Download & Streaming

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