Scott Henderson Lick

The lick is played over a C dominant 7th chord and the interesting point here is the way Scott Henderson uses the Cm pentatonic scale & diminished arpeggios (C diminished arp / C half/whole tone scale).

Playing the Cdim arpeggio over C7 is an easy way to add tensions and to slightly go outside since we have Root / #9 / #4 / 6.

And the other interesting point is the string skipping pattern used to play this diminished arpeggio.

As always take the time to learn & analyse the lick, to transpose in other keys and/or elsewhere on the neck … until it becomes yours, until it becomes a part of your vocabulary : you are able to play it on the fly (even just a portion), reuse it by changing the rhythm, play something different before/after and so on !

Have fun,

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