Phrasing Essentials – Enclosures –




Phrasing Essentials – Enclosures –

Need to refresh your playing and find out some new ideas?

Want to get this sophisticated Jazz or Fusion touch in your phrasing?

In this course I present you some simple and more advanced concepts regarding the use of enclosures. Derived from the Bebop area, this technique will transform your playing in no time, allowing you to add this subtle and sophisticated Jazz feel , an essential tools for any improviser.

From simple diatonic enclosures to 3 and 4 notes combinations or some advanced concetps to apply on arpeggios & triads, you’ll find lot of tools to experiment and bring your phrasing to new heights.

With this package you’ll get more than 25 licks & examples, 5 backing tracks, full Tab/Notation and Tech/Theory notes.

Hope you enjoy !