John Scofield Licks


Package Details
11 Licks – Videos (Normal / Slow Tempo)
1 Backing Track
Tab/Notation – Tech/Theory notes
Guitar scales chart
Includes 1 Bonus Lick



10 John Scofield Licks

(+1 Bonus Lick)

Here’s the opportunity to easily get an inside look at John Scofield’s playing with this 11 Licks package (includes 1 bonus lick).

We will see how he put together the Pentatonic/Blues scale, the Mixolydian mode,  Melodic minor scale and of course the Diminished scale to achieve his unique phrasing.

From funky/bluesy licks to more sophisticated & outside sounding licks  you’ll easily borrow the ideas and concepts behind these licks and enrich your own playing.

As always this package includes, normal/slow tempo videos, a funky backing track, all the tab/notation, guitar scales chart & tech/theory notes.

Hope you enjoy !