Jazz Funk Licks


Package Details
21 Licks video (Normal/Slow)
Main/full solo video
Backing Track
Booklet with tech notes/analysis
Scale diagrams



Jazz Funk Licks / Solo

In this course I choose to introduce a whole Jazz Funk / Smooth Jazz solo instead of ‘just’ random licks (wich is great too !) Of course you still have the possibility to pick a lick here and there cause the solo is breaking down into more than 20 licks with normal and slow tempo videos.

We will come across some Funky/Bluesy pentatonic lines mixed with more advanced Jazz & Bebop phrases using the Dorian mode and the Melodic minor scale.

Arpeggios, chromaticisms, 16th note triplets runs, modulations, syncopations … also have a prominent place !

Great to perfect your musical vocabulary and to give you some new and inspirational material to incorporate right away in your own playing !

Hope you enjoy !