Blues Shuffle Box Set


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21 Licks  Videos
15 Rhythm Videos
30 Backing Tracks
PDF Booklets
Full Tab/Notation

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Blues Shuffle Box Set

1/ Here’s an inside look into Matt Schofield’s fresh, tasty and unique Blues phrasing. Throughout 20 licks you will learn lot of Matt’s trademark lines and soloing ‘tactics’ to play over a 12 bar blues progression.
You’ll be able to analyse each line, the articulation, note choice and so on to develop your own vocabulary and bring a modern and sophisticated touch in your own playing !

2/ Build up solid rhythm guitar parts : from easy to more advanced and challenging examples, you will progressively build up your rhythm and chord vocabulary : essantial chord voicings, rhythm patterns, comping approaches and more to develop your comping skills.

3/ Whatever you want to practice your scales, licks, soloing or comping skills, you’ll find this Blues Jam Tracks in all 12 Keys package so useful to perfect your playing and have a lot of fun !

This box set contains the following courses :

20 Matt Schofield Licks
Blues Shuffle Comping Workout
Blues Jam Tracks in all 12 Keys

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Hope you enjoy !


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