25 Country Licks


Package Details
20 Country Licks + 5 Hot Country Licks
25 Licks – Videos (Normal / Slow Tempo)
2 Backing Tracks
Tab/Notation/Guitar scales chart



25 Country Licks

Expand your guitar knowledge with this 25 Country Licks Package.
(20 Country Licks + 5 Hot Country Licks)

You will not only learn some useful & cool new Country licks but also learn & master all essential country guitar techniques as Chicken Picking, Hybrid Picking and Pedal Steel Bends, Double Stops, Open String Licks, Banjo Rolls & more …

This course is designed so you could easily put together and combine the licks to build a whole solo, transpose in other keys and so on.
All licks are played at normal & slow tempo and presented in standard notation and tablature. Includes 2 backing tracks for you to practice and perfect your playing.

For intermediate/advanced player or newcomer to Country music.

Hope you enjoy !

20 Country Licks preview

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