20 Funk Rock Guitar Licks – Rhythm & Lead –


Package Details
20 Videos (Normal / Slow)
TAB / Notation / GuitarPro file
2 Backing Tracks
Booklet with tech notes/explanations
Bonus 5 Funk Exercises / Videos / Booklet



20 Funk Rock Guitar Licks – Rhythm & Lead –

Playing some hot Funk-Rock licks is great but been able to play some tight Funk rhythm guitar is super fun too ! That’s why I’ve also included some cool riffs / rhythm part in this course.

So, in this package we’ve got 5 riffs, 15 solo licks and 5 bonus exercises/videos for funk rhythm guitar ! As always this course includes normal & slow tempo videos, 2 backing tracks with and without the rhythm guitar (only bass & drums), a booklet with comments / Tab / Notation and the GuitarPro files.

From accessible to more challenging licks, we will work on our phrasing, mixing Pentatonic lines with the Dorian scale, improve our left hand control, bending techniques, legato, alternate and hybrid picking techniques and more !

Hope you enjoy !


– Preview – 20 Funk Rock Guitar Licks –