In this lesson I will show you some effective ways to learn - or deepen your knowledge - of Triads.

Whatever the music you play, triads are very essantials tools for sure, so it's worth spending the time to learn them!

But beyond triads and inversions, it's also a matter of fretboard knowledge and visualization : it's a great help to free yourself and master your guitar neck as well.

So we will practice triads all over the neck (vertical & horizontal), combine them, use the major scale, use the circle of fifths and also use some famous chord progressions to deepen our knowledge.

By the way, you can also apply those ideas for learning scales or arpeggios and connect everything together.

Let's get started !

  • 19 Videos/Examples
  • Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented Triads & Inversions
  • On-Screen Tab/Notation
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