It's so fun and satisfying to solo over a good old classic Country shuffle !

In this course, throuhought 8 solos and 40 licks you will not only develop your vocabulary of phrases but also learn how to “play the changes” and craft more melodic, interesting solos and improvisations.

It goes without saying that we will be using all of the essential country guitar techniques like hybrid picking, pedal steel bends, double stops, open string licks and more !

All licks/solos are played at normal and slow tempo, plus it's super easy to follow with the on-screen tabs/notation.

Grab your guitar ans let's get started !

  • 40 Licks / 8 Solos
  • Backing Track
  • On-Screen Tab / Notation
  • PDF Booklet
  • GuitarPro File
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Instant Download & Streaming
  • Full Course Included In Your All Access Membership

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