Cory Wong - Funk Rhythm Guitar Course

Want to take a deep dive into Cory Wong's style guitar playing and improve your Funk guitar chops ? This new course is right for you !

Throughout the 23 video lessons you will improve your groove and timing, your technique, learn chord voicings, single note lines, double-stops and how to stack/arrange several guitar parts and more.

Each lick and example are played to a backing track or a drum loop and the slowed down (all the backing tracks are included)
And you also have on screen Tabs to easily follow along!

Let's get started and improve your Funk rhythm playing now !

  • 23 Videos / Licks
  • Normal / Slow Tempo
  • On-Screen Tab / Notation
  • PDF Booklet / Analysis
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Backing Tracks & Drum loops
  • Instant Download & Streaming
  • Full Course Included In Your All Access Membership

Instant Download + Streaming : Get Started Now !