This lesson is the follow up of Arpeggios for Blues Vol.1 available here.

The point here is to add more "colors" and "tensions" in our phrasing and go outside the pentatonic scales, the mixolydian mode and diatonic arpeggios
we have used in the previous course.

To do so, I will show you a cool and useful selection of arpeggios that we can use to add this modern touch, Fusion vibe in our playing.

It doesn't mean that you can't play the good old pentatonic scales any more but consider those arpeggios as colorful tools, devices you can add
when soloing / improvising. Everything is a matter of balance !

The goal of this lesson isn't to provide an exhaustive list of arpeggios but instead to give some useful & proven tools that you can include in your playing and level up your phrasing.

Let's get started!

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