25 Soulful Bues Licks

Looking for more musicality, tasty & meaningful bluesy licks to strengthen your playing ?

In this lesson we gonna deal with the Blues phrasing with a little more. To spice up the chord progression, I made a few changes in the turnaround of our classic 12 bar blues to end up with a mix of Blues & Soul flavors.

We will be exploiting the minor/major pentatonic scales, focusing on note choice and target notes too. A few licks include the mixolydian mode, going a step further and developing a more modern phrasing.

Bending techniques, slides, double stops & more… are obviously playing an important role in our Blues phrasing, so expect a few licks to challenge your overall technique and expand your improvisational vocabulary !

Let's get started !

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25 Soulful Blues Licks

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