In this course we will go over 20 Funk/Jazz Fusion Dominant 7th licks to level up our phrasing.

Each lick is played over a cool funk fusion backing track, at first at normal tempo and then slowed down so you can easily grab every details.

We will see how we can blend various scales such as the Pentatonic scale, Mixolydian mode, Lydian b7, Half-Diminished, arpeggios and more to improve our phrasing.

A brief explanation for each lick and theoretical/improvisational advices are included in the PDF booklet.

And it's super easy to follow with the on-screen tab/notation !

Let's get started and get your playing to the next level now !

  • 20 Videos / Licks
  • On-Screen Tab / Notation
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Instant Download & Streaming
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