20 Blues Fusion Licks

How to escape from the pentatonic scale, how to build some more advanced and modern sounding lines in your improvisation ?

In this 20 Blues Fusion Licks package you will learn how to introduce and use a wider variety of scales in your playing : Pentatonic/Blues scale, Mixolydian, Lydian Dominant, Altered, Diminished …

Each lick will help you to improve your ability to use all those scales and tools, to tackle the changes and outline the chords you’re playing over, to create tensions, and add interest in your phrasing.

Easily expand your improvisational skills and licks knowledge right now.

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  • 21 Licks / Videos
  • Backing Tracks
  • PDF Booklet
  • Full Tab/Notation
  • Instant Download & Streaming

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20 Blues Fusion Licks