Dynamics & Accentuation


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28 Videos/Exercises
Full Tab/Notation
1 Backing Track
Booklet with tech notes/analysis



Dynamics & Accentuation

Too often overlooked, Dynamics and Accentuation are essential elements to help us bring life in our playing and phrasing.

Through various exercises, this workout is designed to help you manage and keep control of your picking hand.

From simple and easy ‘accentuation schema’ or ‘pattern’ to more advanced one with accent shifting, we will go through a bunch of exercises, lot of tips & tricks to help you becomme a better player and reach a new level.

Everything is applied to the pentatonic scale, natural minor scale, arpeggios and finally to a few licks.

Includes in this package : 28 Videos/Exercises, Full Tab/Notation, 1 Backing Track, Booklet with tech notes/analysis.  Suitable for any style/level.

Hope you enjoy !