20 Blues Rock Licks


Package Details

21  Videos (Normal/Slow Tempo)
Full Tab/Notation
Backing Track
Booklet with tech notes/analysis
Scale diagrams
Includes 1 free lick



20 Blues Rock Licks

Bring fresh new ideas in your guitar playing and you will improve quickly and efficiently. And it’s even better if at the same time you can perfect your skills, playing techniques and overall knowledge !

Each of these 20 Blues Rock Licks will further guide your development of the tools, techniques and vocabulary you’ll need as a guitar player.
Extend your blues-rock vocabulary with both accessible and challenging licks, always musical and highly usable : unleash soulful lines and take your blues rock guitar playing to the next level.

Minor / Blues & major pentatonic scales
Connecting the boxes / extend fretboard knowledge
Bending techniques / left hand control
Alternate / hybrid picking / legato
Pedal steel licks
Double stops
& More …

This package includes normal and slow videos, 1 backing track, full Tab/Notation, 1 PDF booklet with tech notes/analysis/scale diagrams and 1 bonus licks.

Hope you enjoy !