Mixolydian & Pentatonics

  Over a mixolydian groove/vamp we can use various pentatonic scales within the same key and so we get different and subtle colors or flavours . All major scales have 3 minor 7th chords/degrees ( II, III, VI ) and so 3 minor pentatonic scales. In our example I play over a E7 chord/vamp, we […]

Blues Shuffle Comping Lesson

Download the Tab/Notation HERE ! You can click the following link and checkout the full lesson : http://theguitarlab.net/product/blues-comping-shuffle-funk-workout/ Package Details – 8 Blues Rhythm Studies – 32 Videos (normal/slow tempo) – PDF Booklets with tech notes/analysis – Full tab/notation – 4 Backing Tracks Hope you enjoy ! All the best, Steph

Useful Altered Chords

  Some useful altered chords. As always transpose in other keys and/or elsewhere on the neck when possible. All the best, Steph Download the pfd here : Useful Altered Chords

Modern Pentatonics Licks

Here’s an excerpt from the Modern Pentatonics package available here. We gonna use a cool and effective 5 note pattern/motif to spice up our phrasing, more explanations in the pdf file. Click HERE to download the pdf file. Steph  

Free Lydian Lick

Here’s a lick from the 20 Lydian Licks package available HERE ! This lick uses the A Lydian mode, 4th mode from the E Major scale. Hope you enjoy ! Steph Get the Tab/Notation here :  

Jazz Funk Lick

Here’s a Jazz Funk / Smooth Jazz lick played over a Dm7 chord. More explanations and Tab/Notation in the PDF below . If you want to learn more about this style, please check out the new package – Jazz Funk Licks – available HERE ! Hope you enjoy ! Steph Get the Tab/Notation here : […]

Lydian Dominant Lick

Here’s a lick played over an A7 chord and using the A Lydian Dominant scale/mode or E Melodic Minor scale. If you want to learn more and explore this must known scale, check out the new package – 20 Lydian Dominant Licks – available HERE ! Hope you enjoy ! Steph Get the Tab/Notation here […]