Joe Bonamassa Blues Rock Lick

Here’s a very interesting lick by Joe Bonamassa : both powerful and melodic this lick is build around the Em pentatonic scale and the E Dorian mode. Notice the nice sounding sequence in bar 3&4, great for your alternate picking technique ! Hope you enjoy & have fun, Steph – Download the Tab/PDF here –  

Funk Fusion Lick

Here’s a cool funk fusion lick in Fm/Dorian, using a few diatonic arpeggios & chromaticisms. Hope you enjoy & have fun, Steph – Download the Tabs/PDF here –

Country Rhythm / Riff

Here’s a typical Country guitar rhythm also known as Working Man Blues style. That’s the first part to be played over the A7 chord. More Country licks here ! Hope you enjoy & have fun, Steph – Download the Tabs/PDF here –

Mike Stern Lick

Here’s a typical Mike Stern lick over a C minor Blues. More Mike Stern & Jazz Fusion licks here ! Hope you enjoy & have fun, Steph – Download the Tabs/PDF here –

10 Useful Minor 7th Chord Voicings

Here’s a selection of 10 useful & beautiful minor 7th chord voicings. Some positions may be difficult because of large stretches, take you time!  You’ll recognize some substitutions, like the CMaj7 voicing for instance. As always I recommend you to transpose in other keys – except the first voicing, because of the open strings ! […]

E Dorian Lick

Here’s a nice funk/fusion lick in E Dorian using the E pentatonic scale & E Dorian mode, a few arpeggios, hybrid picking, legato … and so on ! Hope you enjoy & have fun, Steph – Download the Tabs/PDF here –

Eric Johnson Lick

  In this lick Eric Johnson makes an extensive use of the EMaj6 arpeggio – The lick is in the key of E major or C# minor which is the relative minor – In the second bar we can also notice a two octave EMaj6 followed by  EMaj6/9 arpeggio. Eric plays the C# note/ 9th fret on […]

Free Bossa Nova Rhythm Guitar Lesson

In this mini lesson we gonna take a look at the basics of Bossa Nova / Latin Jazz rhythm guitar. Starting with the fundamental Bossa rhythm pattern we add the typical bassline moving between the root & the fith and finally we add a nice 16th note syncopation. And we apply this pattern to a […]

Scott Henderson Lick

The lick is played over a C dominant 7th chord and the interesting point here is the way Scott Henderson uses the Cm pentatonic scale & diminished arpeggios (C diminished arp / C half/whole tone scale). Playing the Cdim arpeggio over C7 is an easy way to add tensions and to slightly go outside since […]

Using Drop2 Shapes for Soloing

  In this mini lesson the idea is pretty simple : using Drop2 chord shapes to find new melodic and improvisational material to easily improve our phrasing. More info and tab/notation in the PDF file below. Have fun, Steph – Download PDF here –